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With more than 20 years of experience as retailers and consultants in most retail channels and segments, we provide innovative and pragmatic solutions, ranging from strategy and retail concept development to hands-on implementation. We help retailers and suppliers to the retail sector to achieve their goals and remain competitive.

Bringing together insight from local retail markets around the globe, Ebeltoft Group conducts global research and trend studies that provide our retail experts with the latest insight and developments.

"Our unique offer is based on Ebeltoft Group´s ability to combine global best practice and retail expertise with deep local insight; turning this into innovative and pragmatic solutions”.

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Our Clients

Ebeltoft Group has gained it roots in the retail industrie by serving:

33 of the Top 50 retailers worldwide

28 of the Top 50 retailers in Europe

24 of the Top 50 retailers in the US

21 of the Top 50 manufacturers worldwide

Ebeltoft Group works extensively with the local retail community around the globe, partnering and supporting many mid-sized retails as well as manufacturers.