Ebeltoft Group Internationalization Expertise

With the consistent up rise of opportunities in retail markers abroad, retailers from emerging and developed regions feel the pressure the move ahead and expend their concept to new areas and opportunities.

Our main solutions for Internationalization include the following areas:

  • Identification and prioritization of potential target markets
  • In-depth market, competitive and consumer studies
  • Advanced concept localization
  • Market entry and development strategies
  • Optimization of international operations
  • Evaluation of existing international opportunities Due diligence on local partners
Our publications in this area:

Retail Internationalization - Trends, Failure & Success Drivers and future Outlook

“We have reached the point where it has become impossible to neglect the impact and importance of “international” in retailing, both in terms of expansion opportunities as well as new challenges”.

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Expert Insights

“Retail, being the most local business I know, has grown truly global now. With a worldwide presence, developed methodology and genuine local retail insight, we support retailers to extend their success to new markets and get it right. ”

Ebeltoft Group Lourens Verweij

“More and more retailers and brands are looking abroad for growth, with the world’s fast-growing developing economies providing particular appeal. However, as a number of high profile retailers have recently retrenched from difficult markets such as the US, it has never been more important to partner with a reliable advisor who has deep market expertise to support them to get the international expansion strategy right.”

Ebeltoft UK Agnes Berridge

“The growing cross-boarder inter-connectivity induced the increase of international trade and the expansion of investments overseas, leading to the rise of new opportunities with reduced threats in this competitive environment. We have trained professionals to assist companies in this process of internationalization with the support of strategic partners around the world. ”

Ebeltoft Brazil Marcos Gouvêa de Souza