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Our Latest publications

The Global Retail Executive Survey

Today’s world is facing an environment of change, where consumer preferences, fast changing technological developments and innovations and market dynamics constantly reshape the retail landscape. Staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. The Global Retail Executive Survey serves as a compass for navigating this dynamic industry. It proves valuable insights, trends and analysis based on the perspectives of retail executives from around the world.

Retail Innovations 18 (2023)

With almost two decades of experience in global retail trend analyses and more than 30 years of experience in our national communities around the globe, Ebeltoft helps retailers and manufacturers to prepare for upcoming trends and rapid changes.

Global Retail Innovations – Festive Edition 2020

020 has been an interesting year for retail bringing on many changes and innovative adaptions to the norm. This year we have worked with our global partners from the Ebeltoft Group to celebrate some of the best in festive retail both past and present from around the world. In what has been a challenging year we look at how retailers are preparing for “The Grand Finale of Retail” and take inspiration from the best of the best.