Retail Innovations

Global Retail Trends & Innovations 2022 - Retail is ever-changing

How can we prepare our business to be ready for the future? In 2021, retailers and brands are asked to consistently exceed customers’ expectations. The ‘New Retail’ is the new normal: customers expect omnichannel experiences. They want to engage with the brand both digitally and in-store. At the same time, customers value efficiency and fast solutions to their needs. Another trend that was accelerated by the pandemic is buying local and expecting social responsibility from retailers and brands. Therefore, offering sustainable solutions to customers is more important than ever before. How can retailers respond to these high expectations?

Ebeltoft Group has been monitoring brand and store innovations for more than a decade, uncovering trends both underlying and emerging in modern retail. Our retail experts around the world join forces to share insights from their local markets that will inspire you to innovate and prepare your business for future trends. We have evaluated 50 innovative cases from 19 countries all around the globe. Let’s get inspired!


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