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Sustainable Brands & Retail

Why should companies take environmental and social issues seriously? With recent crisis, far from being a passing fad, it seems that this will be the best way to have a sustainable business over time.
We are facing unprecedented times of changes, experiencing major transformations in consumption habits and the way we do business, both driven by digitalization, the impact of the pandemic, as well as by customers who have never been as socially and environmentally conscious as they are now.

It has become clear to society that the world needs a paradigm shift, a deep transformation but with no previous similar history or experience to be inspired from. And therefore, we will need tons of resilience as well as innovative solutions to tackle huge challenges such as social injustices combined with the climate crisis and the pandemic.

Aiming to contribute with such inspirational visions, Ebeltoft Group – Global Brand & Retail Experts – is pleased to share relevant insights from a research carried out to identify Brands and Retail companies from all over the world with strong values, as well as to understand how they are tackling social and environmental issues.


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